Friday, May 13, 2016

A New Law

They are planning a new law here - and right they are:
They want to be able to punish people who take out their cellphone and take pictures of accidents - awful gazers, people evidently not being able to distinct between reality and TV.
Fire fighters and police complain about that for a long time - often they are hindered to reach a victim!
I avoid watching the news in TV (I read them in a newspaper), because I am repelled by those horrid pictures of poor people in pain - I feel helpless because I cannot help, but only stare, and the man with the camera doesn't help either. Of course it is one function of TV to raise attention to inhumanity and suppression - but I am speaking of week-end crashes (remember Jean-Luc Godard's film "Weekend" from 1969? I was so very young and shocked that I left the cinema in that middle of the "Black Comedy")  
In case of an accident I would want to keep my dignity (as far as possible) - and not appear on Youtube!  


  1. Dear Brigitta, I am quite in agreement with you here. I also applaud laws exacting penalties on people who cause accidents by concentrating on their cellphones while driving. I have had to avoid too many drivers who try to text or otherwise distract themselves.

  2. Dear Geo., yes, those drivers are really dangerous. And the many times now (nothing serious happens) that someone bumps into you - while staring on his cellphone. (Can't believe that they have very urgent important texts to read...)

  3. Sounds like a much-needed law. Something happens to some people when they have a cellphone or camera in their hands. They lose all sense of propriety and decency. Instead of doing something to help a stranger in trouble, they take a picture. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    Another new thing here is some app young people are using that allows them to show how fast they're driving while taking pictures. Nothing like driving more than 100 MPH, and taking photos to document it as it's happening so the kid can post it on some website.

    1. We have those car-races here on our famous "Ku'damm" (short and lovingly for Kurfürstendamm - very near to my flat) since the 1990s. A very dangerous "game", by impulse-steered young men, with very quick expensive cars - which become a weapon in their hands - people were killed, crossing that street.

  4. Dear Geo., yes, those drivers are really dangerous.


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