Saturday, May 14, 2016

St. Mamerus, St. Pancras and St. Servatius

You might have guessed: they are the "ice saints", usually between May 11 to May 13, but you can add "the cold Sophie" on May 15.
In Berlin the temperature accordingly changed from 27°C to 17 or even 14°C  - my flowers on the balcony defiantly curl their lips (at least the Lamiaceae or Labiatae, haha) and try to look unimpressed.
Me too.
Though writing "cold Sophie" triggered a memory from decades ago: as a faithful wife I always followed husband to the different cities where he worked at the university (and that was not the best for my career) - but once I stubbornly refused to. In Trier - that was well-known throughout Germany - in my governing authority reigned a woman (whom I knew personally) called "Cold Sophie" - so with a stiff upperlip I stayed in Mainz (for a while, till we went to another city).


  1. Ah, the 15th is tomorrow! I hope kalte Sophie is closing springtime frost and the flowers recover on schedule.

    1. I hope that too, Geo. - and I always tend to forget die Eisheiligen und die kalte Sophie, buying flowers for the balcony too early. On the other hand: they mostly are tougher than they pretend - and as a bonus I have the bliss to watch "spring" very early :-) And now that the vine stock has unfolded its beautiful, beautiful leaves, I am sure "the worst" is over now. Whether it will carry some of its ultra-delicious deep blue grapes I yet can't see - I pruned it, so I might be in for a surprise.

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